Sunday, November 15, 2009

Revolutionary Living; Everywhere, ALL THE TIME!

Revolutionary Living; Everywhere, ALL THE TIME!
By Robert Ricciardelli

Worship and living are not two different things when you live “As Worship” to the Lord. Our faith should not be expressed only in certain settings, but all of life, ALL THE TIME! We must partake in the realm of living where every climate is impacted because His transformational presence goes with us into every atmosphere, ALL THE TIME.

Can you imagine if God’s people could grab on and hold tight to the Wind of His Spirit for everything they engage in? Can you imagine ambassadors for heaven that live from moment to moment, and place-to-place, expecting atmosphere to bow to Fathers presence? It would be the birthing of a revolution for sure. We would see God’s people filled with His presence and consumed with doing good to others, doing good at home, doing good on the job, doing good on the bus, and just doing good, because of the Goodness of Father that has overtaken them.

They had been blind and on the wrong trail and then a divine interception took place. They were intercepted from death and receptive now to the inherited life that Christ had given them. They were intercepted from darkness and into a reception of light illuminating the Agape road.

Eternal perspective is wonderful, but living the realm of eternal perspectives in “real time” is what Father has always desired and planned for His children. It is “Go time” and “Now time” to be set free from dualism, and the darkness of sacred and secular division. The Kingdom of God beckons the releasing of Kingly Priests into every sphere of society. Giving Him glory in every context and jurisdiction of life is becoming more and more the way, because it is His way, and His people are catching on. Glory!

Glory to God for the CEO’s who are doing business God’s way and worshipping Him on how they steward resources, go to market, and steward God’s greatest created asset, people.

True worshippers who work in businesses and performing for the Lord’s pleasure are receiving favor from God and man. They are advancing in so many ways, not only financially, but also with increased joy and peace because of their willful submission to their Heavenly Father.

Godly scientists begin discovering things that were not even thought of, because they have entrusted their lives, their minds, and their research to Almighty God. Father gives them scientific breakthrough as we are reminded in Proverbs 25:2, “that it is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of kings to search for it.”

Government strategists are now finding ways within systems, or outside of systems to do people good, and to honor God in the areas of public policy. We will see more worshippers raised up in local, state, and national governments.

Green earth enthusiasts are increasingly not being called tree huggers any longer. Many are becoming God lovers that desire to steward the land, and fulfill Father’s desire for creation that goes all the way back to Genesis. And they are working alongside those they once religiously opposed.

Doctors and patients are seeking freedom from the pharmaceutical and insurance cartels. Free market healthcare strategies that are affordable, functional, and go to the root of the issues, are being formed. Worshippers for freedom in healthcare are rising up.

Creative currency and trading at grassroots levels are preparing the groundwork for change that will eliminate much of the fear and control of existing establishments. True worshippers in Fathers strength in the societal mountain of finance will present opportunities for freedom to the captives.

We will increasingly see a new generation of spiritual leaders that are not in it for self. They live in the righteous fear of God, with motives of love and service to all they are called to. They seek first the Kingdom and His righteous nature as they lead. In Spirit and Truth they worship by becoming servants of all, with little or no desire to be served… yes the Jesus type leaders the world has been groaning for.

Worship will relevantly and powerfully go beyond our singing and praying in a church setting a few times a week. It goes far beyond our rituals. It is something that is intentional, but at the same time flows from lives prepared by Him, that are now free to act against themselves. It is His presence manifested through His ambassadors for His glory alone. These worshippers will bring light to the darkness in every phase of life.

You say you want a revolution, and you say you want a real solution. Are you ready to release His solution through your life? Can you see it? Will you live it? The goal is ever becoming like Christ for the world, so that through our worship, we ooze His love, and ooze His life with every breath, until oxygen is no longer needed.