Friday, August 28, 2009

Symphony of Praise- The Four Winds

Many of you know that I am not event driven, but am consumed by His presence. His presence does inhabit the praises and lives of His people. Any event that brings His people together seeking Him, and the sound of heaven, can be assured of His presence, and assured that in His presence, transformation takes place.

We are co-sponsoring an event on October 3, 2009 that I believe will be historic. It is a FREE event, so the only cost would be to get there. Many streams coming together in unity to praise the Father. This does not involve anyone of significance, but Him, and yet everyone is significant because of Him. The only star of the night is His Bright Morning Star, and Father's seat is secured. Father will bask in the pleasure of His children as we come together for 10 hours of sustained sounds for heaven and from heaven.

There will be worship teams, dance teams, and prophetic artists coming from all over the country, including our friends Leonard Jones and Janice VanCronkhite. People are already making plans to be there from different parts of the world.

We envision this as a beginning of just our little part of pleasing the Father in a way He has given us to do. He is doing the same thing all over the world, so we are not exclusive, but inclusive of all, and inclusive to the obedience He has for all of us. This will be our first Symphony of Praise, and we see at least 8 of these with the next one coming in spring of 2009.

We believe many who make the journey with us will be refreshed. Many who have been dry and weary will get a drink from heaven and be renewed. This is a monumental effort for so many, so please pray for the resources, and for the Father to make every way possible for those who are led to make the call, and the journey on October 3rd.

Please see the vision at our website along with those who are joining us in making the call. The venue is spectacular, and it does seem to be a generational well of His glory, you can see the venue at

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Everybody Has a Seed to Grow and Sow by Robert Ricciardelli

Some people walk, some people race
Some people vary in their pace
But God can use what you can give
Within the mystery of His ways
Don't underestimate...

One thing I know
Everybody's got a seed to sow
let your heart of hearts
Take you down the road
Everybody's got a seed to sow "Michael W. Smith

Every Human being was born with an eternal seed… God’s nature!
Everybody who was born was created in His image. By the grace and mercy of God, He brought us life through Jesus Christ, His Son. Redemption came through Christ, as the now, and eternal life for the worlds eternal seed. Ah, and what a life!

We often get so consumed with redemption and a future heaven, that we miss living His life in the present, on planet earth. We hear a lot of misappropriated teaching on the “Abundant Life” the Father has given us, but the truth is, it is “Abundant Life”, and it is “Abundant Life” now, regardless of the circumstances or where you are on this amazing journey.

When the bible talks about being saved, and whole households being saved, it was not to focus on some future heaven, but it was access to heaven on earth, in the NOW. The seed redeemed now, expecting now, looking for now, can begin the maturation process.

Jesus always pointed to the Father. He taught us to pray to the Father to bring His substance to earth through our very beings. It has always been His original intent for ALL of mankind. His intent has always been to be a loving Father to His creation, and dwell with His people. We all have been derailed one way or another until Father was revealed to us through His Son. We also are all different in where, how, and what we are to sow for His glory, as we sow seeds of His substance on earth as it is in heaven.

Theology and doctrine has been used to define what we have come to know, but has often been the very thing that stops the “sow flow. “ We began to judge each other’s sowing based on our limited knowing. So division happened because of knowledge and not on what we actually were doing. We were designed for love; we were designed to deliver His love to the earth. Simplicity of love becomes evil darkness when we are judging what we think we know rather than judging ourselves on what we actually are doing. And how presumptuous are we in thinking that we can know what the Lord is doing in another’s heart?

Joyce and I are determined to look at all people as part of God’s original design. We point the way to the Father as Jesus did. We point to the Way, the Truth, and the Life through His obedient Son… And then as we seek after Him, we become sons in the image of Christ, FOR GOOD WORKS, AND FOR HIS LOVE.

Consider eliminating thoughts of “us and them”, and look at all of us as part of God’s glorious creation, while needing Him, and needing one another.

Father desires that we love Him, and love others. What adjustments need to be made in our paradigms to live in His Agape paradigms more often as Father pleasers? What steps do we need to make towards being givers rather than takers? We are with you in all of this, and ask ourselves the same questions often. Lord what do we need to do to learn to love you more, and love others as ambassadors for you?

Everybody has a seed to sow, and a seed to grow. Father, by your Spirit, help us to grow, sow, and flow in amazing ways in loving and serving You and others.

Be ready, He is speaking. Listen, He has a more excellent way for all of us, and His Kingdom will surely come, and will be done, through our lives, and to the glory of God.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dime Store Prophecies by Robert Ricciardelli

As God continues to release Himself through His people, we are hearing His voice as a prophetic people more than ever before. His Kingdom comes, and His will is being done on earth as it is in heaven. In the midst of His light being shed in greater measures, there is still the big issue of the fallen nature of man and the darkness within that nature.

We continue to see a rise in personal prophecies and words that are brought forth out of man and delivered to man, as the Lord wills. The problem arises when it is mans will and not God’s, or a mixture of God and man’s fallen nature. We have seen this cause hurts in many, and in fact some have never recovered from the hurt.

Prophecy is the Spirit of Christ, and the Spirit of Life.

I have received many calls the past several months from those who have been hurt by such things. They either were given a “word” that was tied to a benefit for the one giving it, or it was given with control and manipulation in mind. Other times it was given innocently, and the person received and acted upon something that they thought was from the Lord.

In one case the person was given a word saying that the Lord wanted to bless them, but to release the blessing they needed to sow into the “word givers” ministry. This is not how God operates, and I would reject those types of words immediately, or at least consider some impartial counsel.

It is so important in the season we are in, to hear from the Lord for your self. If you are having problems hearing from Him, go to those who love you and have no other agenda but love, and seek counsel from them. If you have been given words by someone other than those who God has placed in your life relationally, it is important to share it with others who may have wisdom on what the Lord may be doing and saying for your life. Others will add another level of discernment and accountability for those speaking on behalf of the Lord.

The Lord does speak through people at times, but it is important to get a multitude of counsel on those words, especially if they are directional, or involving a decision you have to make. Discount the words that bring condemnation, and love the person as they may not know what they are doing. Be overly cautious of words trying to bring extreme conviction, or extreme tickling to your ears. There may be a hidden agenda in those.

I know this may be hard for some to hear on either side of this, both those who desire to get a “word”, and for those who seek to give a “word. I believe there is a lot of misuse, and occasional abuse going on in charismatic and prophetic circles, and felt led to address it. We rejoice when the Lord speaks, but we want to make sure it is His voice, and thus the reminder for all of us.

John 2:24 it says that Jesus entrusted Himself to no man, for He knew the heart of men.

The key consideration here is the idea of “entrusting ourselves to others.” We can trust others but entrusting ourselves to anyone other than the Lord is risky. My wife and I entrust ourselves to one another as unto the Lord, and there are those relationships that God may have given you that are foundational. But when it comes to listening to someone speak as coming directly from the throne, it is important that we make sure it is Him, before we speak, and before we receive or act upon a word given by man.

There are some that use their ability, position, and charisma, to influence in ways that are not the heart of the Father, and grievous to Him. I really believe the Lord when He says my sheep hear my voice and listen to me. I believe we can hear His voice and by His Spirit discern correctly as to what is Spirit and what is flesh. During times of immaturity and times when discernment signals seem to be clouded, that is when a multitude of counsel may be necessary, especially on major directional issues.

I also believe the Lord would honor the time taken for fleeces and multiple confirmations for such important decisions. I usually say something like this, “Father you know my heart and that whatever you say, I will do. Please confirm this thing in ways that I will know it is you. I do not want to miss you, and I do not want to hold back from pleasing you, so will you send other signs, and other voices to confirm such things?”

If you are struggling with words that others have brought to you, release them to the Lord. He is not the author of confusion. Ask Him to sort out what is from Him, and He will show you. Forgive those who have utilized His name for any intent other than His perfect will for you. Be humble in giving, and receiving what may be from Him. Fear God when it comes to utilizing His name and His message. Typically I will let someone know that I believe this may be from the Lord, but to test it and see that it be true. At the same time, I have never been prompted by the Lord to give something that is not encouraging, exhorting, or pointing back to Him and His ways.

When you receive something from somebody, politely thank them, and begin the process of asking the Lord to reveal what may be true, and then seek after multiple confirmations for anything that may create a decision you may have to make. In all things both giving and receiving, check the love meter, and if it was delivered in His love. Those things that are not delivered in love, should be highly suspect…

When you combine subjective content, with human emotions attached to it, it can really seem like God, but it often can be complete deception.

When the Spirit and the Word are confirmed, release takes place, and heaven is in motion to fulfill the plans and purposes of God. May the Lord continue to show you His perfect way, and may your ears be tuned only to Him, and only to His voice, in Jesus name.