Saturday, August 8, 2009

Everybody Has a Seed to Grow and Sow by Robert Ricciardelli

Some people walk, some people race
Some people vary in their pace
But God can use what you can give
Within the mystery of His ways
Don't underestimate...

One thing I know
Everybody's got a seed to sow
let your heart of hearts
Take you down the road
Everybody's got a seed to sow "Michael W. Smith

Every Human being was born with an eternal seed… God’s nature!
Everybody who was born was created in His image. By the grace and mercy of God, He brought us life through Jesus Christ, His Son. Redemption came through Christ, as the now, and eternal life for the worlds eternal seed. Ah, and what a life!

We often get so consumed with redemption and a future heaven, that we miss living His life in the present, on planet earth. We hear a lot of misappropriated teaching on the “Abundant Life” the Father has given us, but the truth is, it is “Abundant Life”, and it is “Abundant Life” now, regardless of the circumstances or where you are on this amazing journey.

When the bible talks about being saved, and whole households being saved, it was not to focus on some future heaven, but it was access to heaven on earth, in the NOW. The seed redeemed now, expecting now, looking for now, can begin the maturation process.

Jesus always pointed to the Father. He taught us to pray to the Father to bring His substance to earth through our very beings. It has always been His original intent for ALL of mankind. His intent has always been to be a loving Father to His creation, and dwell with His people. We all have been derailed one way or another until Father was revealed to us through His Son. We also are all different in where, how, and what we are to sow for His glory, as we sow seeds of His substance on earth as it is in heaven.

Theology and doctrine has been used to define what we have come to know, but has often been the very thing that stops the “sow flow. “ We began to judge each other’s sowing based on our limited knowing. So division happened because of knowledge and not on what we actually were doing. We were designed for love; we were designed to deliver His love to the earth. Simplicity of love becomes evil darkness when we are judging what we think we know rather than judging ourselves on what we actually are doing. And how presumptuous are we in thinking that we can know what the Lord is doing in another’s heart?

Joyce and I are determined to look at all people as part of God’s original design. We point the way to the Father as Jesus did. We point to the Way, the Truth, and the Life through His obedient Son… And then as we seek after Him, we become sons in the image of Christ, FOR GOOD WORKS, AND FOR HIS LOVE.

Consider eliminating thoughts of “us and them”, and look at all of us as part of God’s glorious creation, while needing Him, and needing one another.

Father desires that we love Him, and love others. What adjustments need to be made in our paradigms to live in His Agape paradigms more often as Father pleasers? What steps do we need to make towards being givers rather than takers? We are with you in all of this, and ask ourselves the same questions often. Lord what do we need to do to learn to love you more, and love others as ambassadors for you?

Everybody has a seed to sow, and a seed to grow. Father, by your Spirit, help us to grow, sow, and flow in amazing ways in loving and serving You and others.

Be ready, He is speaking. Listen, He has a more excellent way for all of us, and His Kingdom will surely come, and will be done, through our lives, and to the glory of God.


  1. I've found two groups of "us and them"
    I don't seem to fit either one.
    Both seem to think "If you're not one of us,
    You must be one of them".
    So what of those in the middle?
    How shall they fit in?

    I don't think God created us to have that kind of design. Are there not only sheep or goats?
    Is there any third kind of thing?

  2. God created the Sheep and the Goats.. He loves them both.. He wants the goats to become sheeps, and so we love them, and in His love, many will transform from goats to sheeps.

    At the same time, from a relational stand point, God has the "Who" for you. Some of the "Who" may be sheeps and goats... but they are still a part of your "who".. And then in that "who", there is no more us and them.

  3. I've found several "Who"s who would not accept
    one unless one conformed to them. I would rather seek to be conformed to Christ.

  4. That is a real problem in the Body of Christ.. Control!. If people want to control you and form you into their image, they are not your "who" and this can sometimes include family, church, etc. Ask the Father the "who" for you, who will love you for who you are in Him, and not what they can get from you. .We have them in our life and it is refreshing and free... FREEDOM is good, in Him...

  5. Yes, freedom in God is an everlasting thing.
    In him who is no darkness at all, there is only
    the good that light can bring. All that is in his presence lives and moves in him. He is the light from before the world was made. By him all
    things were created and by him all God shall save. Whosoever comes to him, by him who is his
    word, shall receive forgiveness of sin, and eternal life.

    Though we see through a glass darkly, him who is
    God's plan, spoken of by the word given that gave us light to see, when God so moved upon the waters, before he divided them.

    Though men explain him this way or that, him who
    gave the plan, one way or another we all shall see more clearly what was given. God will explain it all in time whatever we need to know.
    Till then I trust he will continue to nurture the seed he sowed.

    The light that God spoke in the beginning, was it necessarily him? I think it was in a sense,
    for by it a promise was given.

    God told us of an overcoming power above the depths of the sea, a kind of light that can shine without an earthly sun.

    In darkness of despair, or depths of sinking deep, there is a light that overcomes. Jesus is his name.

    As Jesus is, so is God, for God gave him a name,
    that is above all earthly men, his only begotten Son, Jesus, still the same.

    Where his spirit is, there is liberty.

  6. I just read today's article "Pray For Hunger"
    about the dog who waits for table scraps.

    God is always answering our prayers. If we have a question, I find it good to ask and then forget about it. If it's really a good question
    God will answer it.

    It seems to me that something came down in my direction lately. I've been taking notice that
    prophets use allegory a lot, a putting forth of
    one thing by use of another to communicate something. The Bible is full of allegory.

    I now wonder if Michael was the angel that appeared to Daniel (Daniel 10). Whoever it was,
    he may have referred to the Messiah as "Michael your prince."

  7. I just read today's article, "Is 'where two or more are gathered' a church?".

    It seems to me that all church organization is bad. There are no exceptions. It's all corrupt.
    There's no real righteousness in them. They don't have a chance at pleasing the Lord. You
    could travel the world over and find the same thing to be true. Where ever there is authority
    in the church it will go it's own way, always,
    no exceptions. To promote such a thing is wrong
    all the time. It always results in oppression.
    It's always a bad thing.....unless.....unless,
    there are delivering judges, reconcilers, workers in the ministry of reconciliation who are willing to hear matters whenever someone has something against another and has gone to that one first but has not been heard, who are willing to hear matters that cause a present distress, but not willing to hear evil for the sake of evil, are able to find something good on every page of the Bible, thank God for it, give him praise, are willing to repent of their sins as they become known to them, willing to forgive others, willing to investigate what they hear to find out if indeed a thing is really so before they judge an action, judge actions rather than condemn people, walk through darkness while shining light, take another with them when they need to, work the work of the gospel without partiality, without
    hypocrisy, pray together with those involved, put on the armor of God, are willing to stand against the wiles of the devil, and trust in God's delivering power by Jesus Christ, then,
    such a thing could do well and have a bright future.

    It could be the kind of place where people get free, live free, live right, do good, have a place of refuge from the world, get refreshed, rejoice in God, know that the church will prevail in Christ, have confidence in leadership, be blessed in gathering together, enjoy sitting together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, and hope for even a better tomorrow in him.

    It could also be a place where there are so many people waiting to get in through it's doors because the life of Jesus is there
    and they too one day hope to be a deliverer through him who so loved that he gave his life
    away for them that they might live by the power
    of God having the life of him who did prevail in the midst of a darkened world and lives unto
    God, a life eternal in the true light, being the
    everlasting King of God, in God, for God, with God, and by God.

  8. I agree, leaders with agenda's other than to serve God's people, always lead amiss, and often to the hurst and destruction of others for sake of the system, they are building

  9. Sometimes leaders will redesign, refashion, remake, reinvent, relable, reformulate, refurbish, or repackage the gospel and present it as the only right way as if anything else is somehow perverted or wrong. They get used to the product as it was handed to them, and because it was good enough for them, it must be good enough for everyone else.


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