Friday, August 28, 2009

Symphony of Praise- The Four Winds

Many of you know that I am not event driven, but am consumed by His presence. His presence does inhabit the praises and lives of His people. Any event that brings His people together seeking Him, and the sound of heaven, can be assured of His presence, and assured that in His presence, transformation takes place.

We are co-sponsoring an event on October 3, 2009 that I believe will be historic. It is a FREE event, so the only cost would be to get there. Many streams coming together in unity to praise the Father. This does not involve anyone of significance, but Him, and yet everyone is significant because of Him. The only star of the night is His Bright Morning Star, and Father's seat is secured. Father will bask in the pleasure of His children as we come together for 10 hours of sustained sounds for heaven and from heaven.

There will be worship teams, dance teams, and prophetic artists coming from all over the country, including our friends Leonard Jones and Janice VanCronkhite. People are already making plans to be there from different parts of the world.

We envision this as a beginning of just our little part of pleasing the Father in a way He has given us to do. He is doing the same thing all over the world, so we are not exclusive, but inclusive of all, and inclusive to the obedience He has for all of us. This will be our first Symphony of Praise, and we see at least 8 of these with the next one coming in spring of 2009.

We believe many who make the journey with us will be refreshed. Many who have been dry and weary will get a drink from heaven and be renewed. This is a monumental effort for so many, so please pray for the resources, and for the Father to make every way possible for those who are led to make the call, and the journey on October 3rd.

Please see the vision at our website along with those who are joining us in making the call. The venue is spectacular, and it does seem to be a generational well of His glory, you can see the venue at

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