Saturday, May 16, 2009

Everything Is Spiritual Because God Made Everything by Robert Ricciardelli

Everything Is Spiritual Because God Made Everything
By Robert Ricciardelli

Everything is Spiritual because God made everything. Everything has it's origins from God. Computers originate from God through His creation. Even things had began with good intentions because they were God's intentions, all originate from Almighty Creator of ALL Things. The devil himself originates from God. You cannot escape God as He "is", always, He "is" everywhere, and He "is" at all times. He is in this galaxy and He is in all the billions of galaxies. Truly all things are spiritual regardless of space, time, and matter.

If you are a banker, it is spiritual because you are His in the day to day context of banking. If you run a business, Father is the Senior Partner of your very existence and therefore is the Senior Partner of your business. Are you asking Senior Partner for ways of bringing Him glory, and expanding His Kingdom family upon the earth? Whether it is music, or art, or whatever Father has called you to do and to be in everyday life, are you bringing Him glory? He is yours, you are His, and He cares about the whole of our lives. He desires that we acknowledge Him in all of our ways.

Thus everything is spiritual because the Lord made everything, and the Cosmic Christ wants to redeem everything back to the Father. Although full restoration will not come until Christ returns in the fullness of His glory, it is our calling to obediently bring restoration and Kingdomized influence to every sphere of life. And we do this "along the way" of every day living, understanding that His transformational presence is in us, and goes with us into every moment and every context of living.

This is a very tumultuous season we are in but we can confidently live, and move, and have our being, knowing we are loved. We are in fact His ambassadors and have a divine mandate of carrying His Agape love to the world. As we trust Him more and give over our fears, frailties, and imperfect ways to Him, He sets our path straight, and His glory is revealed through us to the world around us. Does fear or doubt come? Of course fears and doubts come; but we must remember that our life is in His hands, and that we have all the promises of His Word to stand on, not for just the future, but for today, and for every situation in life. Because we are His, we live to hear His voice and respond to Him as He navigates our steps for His will and purposes. He gives us the strength to overcome, as we disengage further from sin and other hindrances that can keep us from His best, and from His glory.

We must rid ourselves of the ancient mindsets of dualism that bring a false division of what we call sacred and secular. The worldview that limits the influence of God in all things is th primary reason the church has not been relevant to a creation that is eagerly awaiting the manifestation of God through His sons an daughters. It has kept God's people from the realization of a Kingdom coming upon the earth as it is in heaven. What gospel is on our lips? What gospel are we living?

Worldliness is seeing anything in life from a purely materialistic perspective - When we see the natural through natural eyes and not by His Spirit we can see why even believers have not been able to participate in bringing hope and transformational reality to others. Our worldview must be redeemed and enlightened by His Word to truly see what He sees, and to move as one with Him, and for His purposes. Father may your Kingdom come, and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, through your people, and in every aspect of their lives, their motives, and their interaction with you and with the people you call them to serve.


  1. Adding my own ponderings to your (excellent!) ponderings, Robert ...

    What if the expectation of Jesus returning "one day," bringing the "fulness of His glory" is part of the duality that you speak of?

    What if we've learned to expect a Kingdom that comes "by observation" even tough He expressly told us that His Kingdome would *NOT* come by observation..? What if the fulness of His glory is alredy here, but only seen through the spiritual eye? What if it's all been done, all is here, at hand, in our midst, only we cannot experience it if we do not believe it's here..? As a man thinks in his heart, so IS he ... what we perceive, we experience.

    Like you, I see God in all things, sustaining all things, filling all things. What other Source of life would there be...? ;)

    Thanks for continuing to challenge our old-thinking, and inviting us to both come up higher, and go deeper, into all truth...!

    Shalom, Dena

  2. "Everything is Spiritual because God made everything."

    I agree!

  3. I love both your article and Dena's response. I think you both bring such focus to the heartbeat of true divine relationship. Thank you for expressing a sincerity for love to be the focal point. Blessings, Lissa

  4. Anonymous16 May, 2009

    "Restoration" reminds me of the old wrecks I've
    seen taken from salvage yards or bought from the streets which did not run, or barely ran at
    all, but were rebuilt.

    I've been watching a few programs like that on TV.

    Those cars were taken down to nothing and turned
    into something that was like a working work of art with new technology and performance.

    I like watching restoration. His glory is seen
    all around us. God is restoring those who are willing to be bought by Jesus. I think we'll see
    them out on the streets giving witness to him and the work that he has done by Jesus Christ.

  5. Anonymous17 May, 2009

    Great message!


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