Friday, October 9, 2009

One Nation Under God and Above Nationalism by Robert Ricciardelli

One Nation Under God and Above Nationalism
By Robert Ricciardelli

Can a nation be born in a day? You are that nation, you are that people, you are my people. Beyond America and nationalism, and in all nations, is a people called by my name. The shaking felt around the world is my doing. Many of you have asked, “Lord where are you in all of this? Have we not prayed? Where are you in my challenges? Where are you in my problems?“ I say, “I am in them, around them, and have cause many of them. “ What is a temporal shaking will cause an eternal awakening for those who will hear my voice. Much of what has been built by man, I have not built. What I have built, many have failed to see and understand.

Eyes that have not seen will see. Ears that have not heard will begin to hear my sound. My sound will resonate above the noise of confusion, and beyond the bankruptcy of religion. False centers have risen up and missed my center, which is me. What they have created and called me has stood in the way of who I am, and cannot contain I Am. My Kingdom ever expands, and my glory will fill every gap upon the earth.

What has been good in the past will not take you to my best for your future. The things that are good are often the enemy of best. This is a swift season of change, like a mighty wind blowing. Can you see it? Can you feel it? Will you embrace it as I blow this season of change from the north, the south, the east, and the west?

As my Wind blows, false centers will have to go. The walls of religion will crumble. Systems that oppose my will, will be deposed by my will. My people will be drawn to come under one banner and one name, the Name above every other name. I am returning all things unto myself. Posers of my Kingdom will be exposed, and ambassadors of my Kingdom and of my love will rise up and be released in power. As they return to me, my love will remain, because all else has been removed. My light in them will increase because more darkness has been dismissed.

The nation of my love and of the substance of heaven can now love me, and love one another in supernatural abundance. I in them, them in me, and in one another. A love force will come forth that the world has not seen. My Kingdom has come, and my will is going to be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Embrace my Wind, embrace my change, watch, wait, and go as I lead. This nation, my people, will never be the same, cannot remain the same, because of what I am doing, and what I will do.

You have questioned many things. I have put those questions in you to expose the false foundations that have kept you bound. I declare, those foundations will no longer bind you. I have shown you what to do in the past, but fear had gripped you. But now the fear of missing my best for you will cause an overcoming of all previous fear. My love and purpose for you will propel you through all hurts and setbacks, as the journey forward continues to unfold.

My glory that has been concealed in you, will be revealed to you and through you in transformational ways. Atmosphere will change because of my glory. Where you go, I go, and where I go, you go. Circumstances and natural elements will bow to my supernatural substance. My eternal seed in you will reap an eternal harvest, and that harvest is both here and approaching. The seed in you cannot die, but can only be delayed for maturity. Maturity will surely come as those hindrances are exposed and removed. Live daily in the inheritance of my Kingdom. Let me take you where I will, and I will do what only I can do to fulfill everything I have planned for you in the days ahead.

You are that nation of kings and priests. This is beyond your nation, as it is about my nation of people of every nation, race, and creed. You are born from above, and you are the ambassadors of my love to a world in need of me.


  1. If people can be salt, can't Jesus be God?
    Isn't that what he is?

    Even though we are people, we can be salt because of Jesus. Isn't that what Jesus is,
    and isn't that what we shall be?

    We will be the salt of the earth again, and the light that shines in darkness because of Jesus.

  2. What is it to be born of God? Here's something I like to ponder:

    When the spirit of God overshadowed Mary..., That's something I had to try to imagine. Suppose I could draw it out, but how could I?

    If the spirit of God could be represented by a cloud, drawn on paper, and from this cloud, which represents not only the spirit of God but
    God himself, and even heaven, and from this cloud, a movement appeared, which continued to move toward God's chosen goal, and as it did,
    if it were to have been drawn on paper, it would be extended from the cloud as a cloud itself, which represents the spirit of God, and then it would
    close itself off, and enter into Mary.

    When I received that, it seemed to me, a spiritual birth.

  3. It seems to me that if God were to use the people in our federal government to design a health care program, he would cause them to do their best, making their plans, whether A,B, or C, and allow the tax payer to opt in by free choice each year, or opt out by free choice each year, and design the tax tables for the participants in A,B,or C, accordingly so that the costs of the programs would be paid that way, and if the government wanted to include those who paid no taxes (if they wanted to be included), that those who believe in the program and could afford it could pay for it, and he would cause the people to design the health care programs so they do not hinder the private sector or oppress anyone in any way, being fair to all.

    If the government can really run an efficent and fair health care program, that would be an honorable thing wouldn't it?


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