Thursday, December 24, 2009

His Spirit Working in Me

The more of God's divinity I touch the more I need Him, and the less I rely on self. As I surrender to Him more, self reliance diminishes. I choose to surrender to God every moment of the day in my house, in my business, and in every trial and temptation? My hearts desire is to surrender more fully, but I cannot do this. So it is His Spirit working in me not only to will, but also to carry out His plans for my life.


  1. More of God and less of me. I like it.

  2. Did your ministry send out this msg?

    Dear sir/madam,

    My Name is Bishop Robert Ricciardelli and my Ministry name is Visionary
    Advancement Strategies.

    I went to Canada to preach the Gospel of this end-time know as General
    Eschatology in Greek Word. So After the preaching Twenty Folks Blessed
    me with US$50,000,00 ( fifty Thousand Dollars) each and the total
    clocks US$10,000.000.00 so I went back home and the Lord Appear to me
    and said to me that I should give Tithe of ten percent to you..

    My twenty year experience in Ministry One imperative thing I have ever
    learn is to hear the Voice of God and act to it. so I will like to
    inform you that US$100,000.00 ( One hundred Thousand Dollars) shall
    be sent to you when you are ready to receive it.

    Thanks God bless you abundantly.

    Best Regards

    Robert Ricciardelli

    Visionary Advancement Strategies

    This looks like an internet money scam. If you did not send it, I will report it.

    If you did send it, why? I do not know you or your ministry.

    a believer in Jesus


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