Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Hearers" Can Change the World! by Robert Ricciardelli

"The world is dying for want, not of good preaching, but of good hearing.”
(George Dana Boardman)

It is time that Gods people begin to take the initiative in seeking the Lord like never before. Going to church on Sunday and yet not living as the church on Monday has given us a powerless message to society. We have an identity crisis in the fact that we have created a place for ministry instead of a people mobilized for the work of the ministry. We are a nation of kings and priests, filled with the Spirit of the Living God, and supposed to be a church in which the gates of hell has no chance in hell to defeat.

As the Body of Christ continues to go through a global transition, it is increasingly evident that much of what might have worked in the past, right or wrong, will not work going forward. The times of leading with fear, control, and manipulative tactics to capture the lost, and lead the gullible is over. It has had its day, and the results are in, it simply has not been effective in impacting society around us. Organizational agenda’s can serve the system so well that it leaves little ability to serve the needs of the people inside or outside the system, beginning with authentic relationships.

Ears to Hear!

Are we hearing the Lord’s voice for our own lives, or have we become accustomed to listening to the voices of others in how we live, move, and have our being? Teaching others to hear the Lord's voice for themselves is often a threat to some systems and its leaders. Letting God speak His directives to His people can sometimes threaten others agendas. If leaders are not being discipled by Jesus, and His Kingdom principles, then how are they able to teach, disciple, and lead others to Him? By not being disciples themselves of His Eternal Kingdom, then to where and to what are others being led? Religion? Agenda filled organizations? Another movement or trend?

God’s people can begin to bring God’s presence to others when Christ is leading them daily in their personal lives. He will direct them to faith communities that will allow them to grow in the areas of "one anothering". We all must attain another level of obedience in pursuing His Kingdom standards because we understand that His life matters most. As we live the exchanged life, we can trust the Father for all things, and to work out all things according to His plan.

All that we would seek to accomplish must be done because we are hearing His voice. His destiny for us can only be fulfilled because we have the revelation and vision of His plans and purposes. This does not mean we may know the forseeable future, but that we are obediently moving towards our future as Fathers children who desire to please Him above all things.

Where do we start?

We must get a hold of the fundamentals or foundations of our faith, starting with, God is love. It is not all about trying to sin less and become better. Conscientious living of the moral majority standards is not the answer. The law proved to the world long ago that the answer is not in following the do’s and the don’ts of the law, as interpreted by the "Whose Who" of our faith communities.

Morality can only change because His loving presence has overwhelmed us to the degree that sin nature that was once prominent, continues to lose its steam because our former lives have been exchanged for His agape life. The answer is a Person, the answer is the Lord Himself, and not anything we can do.

When we choose Jesus, it means we do not choose us before Him any longer. It means we have relationships that are not birthed by agendas, but by His love and by truly caring for each other. It means we choose His ways and no longer our ways. It is a constant battle, no doubt, and one that needs intimacy with a most glorious Father and Savior. And the methods of our journey can no longer be carnal, but strategically supernatural because He lives and moves us towards His best daily, as we submit to His directives in every sphere of life…

And so we seek Him, we listen, and learning Him, we become empowered to bring His transformational Spirit into every environment and rejoice in all He will do through our lives. Gods "Hearers" can truly change the world.


  1. Thank you SO MUCH George for writing this article! It is both timely and right on!
    I myself sense a deep need to get back to the basics of communing with my loving Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I might be wrong here, but I feel that this is somehow necessary preparation for what the Lord is going to be doing next. I feel as if God is wanting to pour out His Love and His power in global proportions to the level that the world has never known before. I feel as though I must be ready to hear His voice whenever He calls to me. I also have to be willing to drop my own agenda for His, and to allow Him to move in and through me wherever and whenever He wants to, so that I can be His instrument doing the goodworks that He has previously planned for me to walk in. This is all done out of a heart that is filled full of His love and the ever increasing practical knowledge of Him! Goodworks will be the effortless result of a life that's constantly communing with Him!
    So thank you for reminding us of what is the most important...HIM!
    Sincerely, Kate

  2. Oh, thank you so much for that, Robert! Right on. Our obedience and loyalty, our joy and trust comes from intimate RELATIONSHIP with The God Who IS Love. It is the JOY of this shared Agape love with the LORD that changes our way of thinking to His and the passionate desire to please and glorify Him, and to lay down our own miserable agendas to live a life that is beacon to others of what He can do in a person transforming them from SELF-focused to Christ-focused. EVERYTHING then falls into its place in the light of HIS glory! Amen. Thank You, Father, for Your amazing love!
    We are to be the light of the world, a city set upon a hill so no man can look on us and see ANY other than Jesus Christ Himself. THEN they will come to us and say, "What must we do to be saved?! I WANT what you've got."
    God bless you brother.
    Clare Watts

  3. Amen to every word... The exchanged life!
    Thank you, Robert for succinctly sharing. We ask
    the Lord to show us His glory- He replies, "I want YOU to show my glory to a needy world!"
    Godrest and Godspeed!

  4. Hello

    For some time, I have been thinking of the Body Of Christ and those who Eat His Healthy Meals from the Bible. It changes our souls and Charactor when we are so in Love with Jesus that when He says follow me, we do! Our lives are changed in ways we can't see.

    Recently, I have come through a season of Repentance. I prayed for more of Jesus and the Trinity in my life and He brought me down this path of sorrow and suffering to discover, I had Planks in my own EYES/Sin so deeply rooted I couldn't even comprehend it as sin, it was from the earliest days of my life. How else can we grow like this without the Divine Help of our Lord and Savior.

    I Liked your article calling the Body to be full time, totally loyal and fully committed Christian surrendered too and yeilded to our God. It is a hard path to walk, He enables us to follow and be transformed into the image of Jesus following one step at a time.

    Jesus does not take a follower and then hide them under a rock/ in a shelter somewhere not to be seen. No! Those totally committed to Him, seeking His face and hungry for Him, they receive a Gift of the Holy Spirit to be given away to draw all men unto Himself. 1 Cor 12

    Thanks for encouraging us to be all we can in Jesus, to live it moment by moment and day by day. Showing us the need to run our race daily.



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