Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who Got Left Behind? by Robert Ricciardelli

This sure is an interesting season... No doubt people are scrambling to make sure they are not "Left Behind". Not sure where you are in your eschatology, but we can certainly presuppose that the famous books and movie series are highly fictional. So where does that leave us? Behind for sure, but not left behind. Father certainly has not left us behind, but in many ways we have left Him behind. Besides all the normal trends in societal degradation of biblical standards, there sure is a lot of frightened believers.

Jesus said He would build His church and it was to be a people that the gates of hell would not prevail against... Seems like at times the hosts of hell are giving us a whooping. Well it is time for God's people to put out an all out assault on the enemies of God and especially the biggest enemy at times, ourselves. Where is our overcoming faith? Where is the true identity of the believers that will stand in Him, regardless of their circumstances?

Well I am asking the Lord to put an all points bulletin out on me. That He would capture me more, and use whatever it takes to do so. We play a huge part in all of this, and we all must reckon with the fact that the Father desires us to be baptized completely through death to self, and allowing Him to rise us up for His purposes and glory. To live an exchanged life, our life for His, where there is no other way, and no retreat from His best.

This is not the end of the story, the Word of God has clearly pointed to a new creation through Christ Jesus. A creation of "Agape Life Carriers" to the world. And it time for us to mount up in His strength, and begin to be carriers of faith instead of fear, and concern for Him and others instead of self. We will overcome worldly cares bey passionately pursuing the Father and His Kingdom. To live is Christ and to death is gain, in whom shall we fear?

There is a new heaven and a new earth that the Lord has waiting for us. The new heaven and the new earth can wait, but the world needs us now. Let's set our sites on the beginning and the end of our faith, Jesus Christ our Lord and begin to realize transformation in our own hearts, and then extending it to others. This is an awesome season to be alive in Christ, with so many opportunities to serve and just do good to others.

With our ways "left behind" we can now live for Him and His ways. Lord may we all live with your intentions for us and for your Kingdom to come upon this earth as it is in heaven.


  1. I love to just surrender to God and then see what happens.

  2. Yes and Amen - making a positive impact each and every day

    Rising up, even as David did when he was full of passion and cried out, is there not a cause?!

    Being like Jonathon who said, let us see see what the Lord will do and he stepped up into victory

    Appreciate your note, helping us to see our destiny - that we are to be as the mighty men of David and stepped up into their destiny and got the victory.

    Dan 11:32
    ...but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.

    Heb 12:1-2
    ...let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, 2 looking unto Jesus...

  3. ...I've been struggling lately, would appreciate your prayers. It's a tough time for me, and I really don't know what to do. Thanks :)

  4. I love what you have written, Robert.

    "Left Behind" fiction, theology and focus have done more to delay the emergence of an apostolic movement of agape than anything the enemy could reproduce.

    Eschatology is killing NOW.

    All intimacy with Jesus is Eternal: present perfect tense.

    Pre-occupation with "the end" or even with tomorrow robs us of "Now."

    Man, do we ever need to get dominion over "NOW"!

    When we do, we will emerge as those prophesied in Romans 8:19:

    "For all creation groans and waits for the manifestation of the sons of God."

    I for one refuse to be just another religious woman with a set of books and a bumper sticker.

    Yep, Robert, many have left God behind by jumping on the fear-fueled eschatological band wagon.

    Good news: Get off the fear focused band wagon. It is NOT going to arrive at Heaven, or in the Presence of Jesus.
    It is going to arrive precisely where it is aimed: FEAR and more hiding under the pews.

    Abandon that ship: repent...change focus...and run into the arms of Jesus.

    He has Everything under control! He really does.


    Kelly Deppen

  5. ProphetFred@rocketmail.com29 April, 2009

    A separation of the sheep from the goats.
    Have you wondered if you may actually be a goat....
    then you made corrections.

    We the body are being crucified as Christ, to live only for him.

    The question may be will we make it?
    Pray for courage and strength for His sheep...


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