Thursday, April 1, 2010

Anticipating God's Arrival on the Scene... by Joyce Ricciardelli

Abraham went out without knowing because he had the faith to believe the Father would meet him there. (Heb 11:8) Faith demands we believe before we see. Yet, faith is an integral part of our daily life, we just do not always recognize this as so. But, consider this the next time you plant a seed in the ground. You must have faith to believe it will sprout, otherwise, why would you ever do it?

When you become that open vessel - ready to be used at any given moment, you can anticipate Father's arrival every time. When you create an atmosphere around you that is willing to give, you make yourself ready to receive. The aroma that comes forth from such a one, is tantalizing and pleasing to His senses, and impossible to resist. Your desire to serve Him, increases His desire to use you.

May the atmosphere around us awaken all His senses, so that we might go out every day anticipating His arrival on the scene.


  1. I love this--*Your desire to serve Him, increases His desire to use you*
    from Margie Cook


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